How did I recover the lost old customers – African customers repurchased clutch release bearing

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African customer A, got the business card in 2013, and asked for clutch release bearing. Ask about clutch release bearing

The model, he asked me to mail him, he sent me details, so I wrote a follow-up email after the show. He replied to me after 2 days. I told him that in order to speed up the process, he can also send the drawings of the clutch release bearing to me first. I will recommend the label size according to the drawings, preliminary quotation, and arrange a blank sample to test the size.

In the process of communication, I will stand in his perspective and give advice and support according to the feedback from his market.
Then, the design, finalization, proofing, and pre-shipment of the clutch release bearing lasted for 2 months, and finally became a single.

Since then, I have cooperated for 3 times and it has been very smooth. At the same time, their varieties have been increasing, and they are sold to European countries, and their market share has gradually increased. He generally orders in accordance with the quarter and pre-empts the inventory in order to produce and operate.clutch release bearing manufacturer
Until March 2015, the market demand may be large, the inventory of the clutch release bearing is not available, and the customer strictly requires the delivery period to be completed within 10 days. The previous delivery period is 18-20 days.

At that time, the factory confirmed that the delivery date was ok. Due to problems in the internal management of the factory, the production was inserted.

Later, the factory repeatedly emphasized and communicated. The factory worked overtime to catch up with the work, and the goods were still rushed out. According to the past shipments, I was very relieved to do the quality of the clutch release bearing. The inspection only took 5 boxes and found no problems.

Until May, the customer sent the mail half a month after receiving the goods, and the goods were out of the problem.

The clutch release bearing purchased by the customer has three models. The clutch release bearing has a total of 50 cases and the total value is about $12,500. Take the whole cabinet with his other goods.
The customer informed that there was a problem: there was a model clutch release bearing with a large dimensional error, which caused his customers to use it. After receiving the customer's mail, the first time to write an email to the customer.

The customer quickly replied to me, he was prepared to place another five sizes of clutch release bearing, and the design was basically finalized. However, because of this, it is difficult to say a word.clutch release bearing factory

Africans themselves like to express their emotions directly. At the time, I saw this email and it was really heart-wrenching.

The source of the problem is at the factory, but the main responsible person is me. My control is not in place, and my negligence has caused such a situation. There are many reasons for the problem of curling, but according to the previous shipment, the customer's production environment should be no problem.
After checking one by one, the factory admitted that in order to catch the goods, one type of clutch release bearing was sent to another factory for processing.
I and the customer have provided a solution:
1) Reduce the payment for clutch release bearing
2) Immediately arrange to redo a box of clutch release bearing, then air freight with him
Looking back at the plan mentioned at the time, I am not responsible at all. The value of a box of clutch release bearing is about $5,000. But what he cares more about is why there is such a problem, in the future? Will there be the next time? Who is willing to spend money to buy is not happy.clutch release bearing supplier

I was not afraid to communicate and appease in time when I was bitten by a snake for ten years. I just thought about quickly solving the problem at that time and letting people down.And the fault is not him, but he is required to bear the air freight with him, which is very unreasonable.

He replied to me, let me refund, and told me straightforwardly that he would find a new supplier.

It may take a long time to form a single order with a customer, but it may take a moment to lose a customer. Originally, I was waiting for his follow-up clutch release bearing list, all of which were yellowed.
I sent an email to communicate with him. We will also entrust the inspector to go to their warehouse in the local area. After confirming the situation, we will negotiate compensation with the factory. We value this issue very much. This is an accident, but we are facing this situation and will further strengthen the production process and quality control checks in the future.

It was not until after the negotiation that $500 was refunded, but the customer did not have any communication with us.

I started to think of a remedy.
At the same time there is a key person to appear. An employee C of their company, each time the customer and I communicated the details, the follow-up staff C will continue to follow up with me. Before, he sometimes asked me to help him buy things, such as a mobile phone, and even his wedding ring was bought by me. There are often interactions, including some of the progress of their company, and I also heard from clutch release bearing
He and I said that their production was the release of the local festival market, and his boss was particularly picky about the quality of the clutch release bearing. He also told me about the company's progress on the clutch release bearing order: they placed the clutch release bearing on the South African side. From C, I got the cooperation supplier information, I wrote the email to the supplier as the buyer's inquiry of clutch release bearing, and I know what I know.

Soon they responded to my offer of clutch release bearing, and I learned more details in further communication. On the one hand, I am comparing with the market in China. Maybe this supplier can become our backup. On the one hand, I also want to get more information, so that I can further communicate with customers again.

I wrote an email to the customer, which is very long. The good news is that he replied to me and proved that the email still has some effect. I insisted on sending e-cards to customers during the holidays, and I will send some pictures of clutch release bearing to him at the time of shipment, and share some other similar clutch release bearings for him. Later, the company produced a batch of non-standard clutch release bearing, and shared it with WhatsApp in the first time. He also responded.

The end users of the customer's clutch release bearing are European and American countries. The supermarkets in Europe and the United States look at the first-hand visual effects. The quality and workmanship of the clutch release bearing is especially important.

Inviting him to visit our Guangzhou office, face to face, two people talked about the details of the clutch release bearing, he mentioned his current clutch release bearing progress in the market, we also mentioned with him the desire to cooperate again Especially for the next quality inspection measures, I can finally turn over.

A small order was placed in May, and by August he gave me the number of new orders, totaling 100,000 clutch release bearing.

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