Did you use ball joint rod end bearing before?

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Ball joint rod end bearing bearing vibration is sensitive to damage, such as peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the ball joint rod end bearing vibration measurement, therefore, through the use of special rod end joint bearing vibration tester (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, through frequency points cannot deduce the abnormal situation.The measured value varies with the use condition of the ball joint rod end bearing or the installation position of the sensor, so it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured value of each machine in advance to determine the judgment standard.The working temperature of the joint bearing of the rod end can be monitored at any time by using the heat sensor, and when the temperature exceeds the specified value, it can automatically alarm or stop to prevent the accident of the burning shaft.

llh ball joint rod end bearing
Installation and removal for ball joint rod end bearing
Usually the ball joint rod end bearing maintenance varieties have the following
Regular maintenance: in order to ensure the normal operation of the main machine, according to the request of the main machine and the design theory and application experience of the bearing, a maintenance cycle is set for regular maintenance.
Fault maintenance: in case of ball joint rod end bearing fault, stop the machine for inspection and maintenance.
Early warning maintenance: the application of advanced bearing fault diagnosis technology, the use of the bearing state stop real-time monitoring, before the onset of bearing fault, put forward a notice, stop maintenance.

ball joint rod end bearing
Bearing in the process of running, there must be sound, temperature and vibration phenomenon.Therefore, about the running bearing maintenance maintenance, can be heard, touch, look and use of bearing fault diagnosis instruments and other methods to find abnormal changes in the bearing, according to the state of change to determine whether the ball joint rod end bearing can be in normal working state.
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