Bearing ball radial is deep groove ball bearing

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Bearing ball radial is deep groove ball bearing.
Bearing ball radial is a type of precision bearing where the action of the load transmitted is radial to the axis of the shaft,bearing radial is the most popular and widely used in industrial machinery because of their versatility.Bearing ball radial produce very little friction because of they carry loads from.bearing ball radial

bearing ball radial is widely used in: diaphragm pump countercurrent cooling tower die casting machine cooler filling machine tubular reactor pedal welder steel wire drawing machine absorber air cooler cylindrical gear reducer welding table corrosion resistance pump coding machine cake room equipment and other fields.
bearing ball radial also could used in Pipe heating machine, renewable crusher, sewage pump, sewing machine parts, pulse welding machine, gear reducer, vulcanizing machine, laminating machine, sand blasting equipment, float glass production line, steel bar cutting machine, box-type drying equipment, desulfurization dust removal equipment, graphite heat exchanger, jig, woodworking machine, ball mill, the curve of guide rail, API equipment and machinery, rice noodle machine, etc. bearing ball radial
If you have any questions about the bearing ball radial's sample drawings/pictures, inner and outer ring/inner and outer diameter/thickness structure, mating installation size, weight, rated dynamic load, model limit speed, clearance size table, number of roller particles, price/quote and other data, please call us for consultation. 
Jinan Maolei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in the sale of imported bearings. The company has many years of experience in the industrial field of bearing matching and industrial service.  The company has been an agent of imported bearings for many years.We also have own bearing factory to produce all kinds of bearings,such as ball bearing,roller bearing and ceramic bearings.
If you need bearing ball radial or need any other bearings, please feel free to contact me!
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