Why bearing manufacturers in delhi want to purchase bearings from us?

349 Published by admin Nov 15,2018

In July 2015, Alibaba received an inquiry from bearing manufacturers in delhi. Because in the inquiry, the customer tells us that he is bearing manufacturers in delhi. Fear that customers are the price of other suppliers in our country, so a series of investigations were conducted.                                                                                             1) ip address through query, / query, confirm that it is delhi buyer                                                             2) The quantity and the name of the purchase are clear, but the quantity is relatively large, and the authenticity should be further verified.
 3) From the point of view, Hi can conclude that the basic is the group inquiry
 4) Look at his behavior data for 90 days, mainly looking at two data: Member's Customer represents how many member suppliers are added; Valid inquiries sent on behalf of his enquiry can be seen through the data, the competitiveness is very large.At that time, I replied to the bearing manufacturers in delhi within 1 hour.

On the same day, I learned more about the company's full name through the mailbox suffix of the bearing manufacturers in delhi. The company's domain name registration time was found in Whois in 2009, and it was a stand-alone office building from Google's real scene.

The Google search engine also found that the bearing manufacturers in delhi posted an inquiry on another B2B platform Tradekey. The above simple investigation further verified the authenticity of the bearing manufacturer in delhi.

The next day after the quotation was sent, there was no reply in the expectation, and I sent an email to him. Follow up the mail to illustrate the product advantages, and attach the relevant certificate. The bearing manufacturers in delhi's customers still did not reply, followed by follow-up on the next day.

The customer received a reply the next day, saying that he did not need high quality bearings because the high quality bearings were too expensive in their country to sell. Ask if we have low quality bearings and ask if we can provide samples.

I will reply immediately, the sample can be provided free of charge, and ask him if he has a courier account, provide a Fedex account, and on the third day, prepare a sample and send it out.

7.18 shows that the shipment was signed, but it was Saturday. I wrote the mail in the past: I just told that I had been signed, and I wish you a happy weekend.

Next Monday, next Tuesday, next Wednesday... The customer of the bearing manufacturers in delhi has no news.
Maybe he is at the price of the comparative price.

I sent an email at 7.23, the customer of the bearing manufacturers in delhi did not reply, I decided to call to follow up. On the 23rd, I used his mobile phone during his working hours. The customer gave a very vague answer and did not have too positive feedback. There was no substantial progress on the phone, but it can be inferred that the bearing manufacturers in delhi are not the most decision-makers and can only wait for further information. After hanging up the phone that day.

I sent a picture to show the packaging of the product.bearing manufacturers

Followed by the number 25 follow-up mail: inventory is decreasing, if the new production, the price of raw materials will increase, so the price of the newly produced bearings will also increase.

Finally, there has been substantial progress, and the model is selected, but the quantity is half-pointed and a discounted price is required.

I gave a little discount and made a contract directly, and I replied to the customer of the bearing manufacturers in delhi that day.

Do not deliberately emphasize that this is the lowest price, but clearly stated that we hope to cooperate for a long time, regardless of price, quality, or delivery, we give the best support. There was no news. On the 31st, I sent an email on Friday, and bearing manufacturers in delhi still didn’t reply. On the 3rd, follow up the mail, bearing manufacturers in delhi will reply to me on the same day, the order will be confirmed, and the order will be arranged next week.

On August 31, bearing manufacturers in delhi sent a water bill, 50% deposit.

After the transaction, ask the bearing manufacturers in delhi why not produce them themselves? Bearing manufacturers in delhi said that their factory technology still does not meet that requirement.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

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