Ceramic bicycle wheel bearings application

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Ceramic bicycle wheel bearings are increasingly used in bicycles and some other leisure leisure equipment, such as fishing rod spool, model racing car, roller skates and so on.Most bicycle ball bearings can be replaced by ceramic ball bearings.This kind of ceramic ball bearing is generally composed of steel inner and outer ring and ceramic ball.

ceramic bicycle wheel bearings
Ceramic bicycle wheel bearings were originally used in some high speed, high load, high temperature industrial applications.The bicycle is not high load, high temperature and high speed.After a rough calculation, the bike travels at >80 kilometers per hour, and the hub of the bike spins only about 11 revolutions per second.And the crankshaft of an engine can reach 100 revolutions per second when working.

oem ceramic bicycle wheel bearings
The internal structure of the ceramic bicycle wheel bearings material is granular, similar to the microstructure of the steel ball.But ceramic bicycle wheel bearings are much more rigid than steel ball bearings.Rigidity is an important feature of the material, which is used to measure different materials under the same load under the condition of deformation (crushed), the size of the academically called "elastic Modulus (Modulus of Elasticity).The elastic modulus of the ceramic bicycle wheel bearings steel ball is approximately 30,000,000 pounds per square inch, while that of the silicon nitride ceramic ball is approximately 47,000,000 pounds per square inch.That is to say, the ceramic ball ball deforms less under load, keeps the original roundness better, and can transfer more kinetic energy.In addition, the density of ceramic ball is only 3.20g/cm3, while the density of steel ball is 7.8g/cm3. The weight of ceramic ball of the same size is only about 41%. In this way, the high rigidity of ceramic material is of great help to the performance of ceramic bicycle wheel bearings.
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