A bumpy Order: Netherlands customers purchasing fastest bearings

148 Published by admin Jan 09,2019

In September 2014, I entered the company where I am now. At half a year, a sample of the fastest bearings from a Dutch customer is currently available. The sample order for this fastest bearings is very rough and I hope to help you after reading it.

The Dutch customer was the customer of the fastest bearings quoted by RFQ in January. At the time, another of our colleagues also quoted it. Since she was busy, let me follow it (thanks). After getting the customer's information, I tried to contact the customer by email on Skype. Fortunately, the customer added me later (because not all customers will agree to add it, some customers will not use Skype to talk about business).

After adding, the customer will video with me. He speaks six languages ​​and English is better. My speaking and listening skills are not very good. I just typed better and the client accepted it. The time difference with us is 13 hours. In our morning, it is their evening, so when we talk about business, he always sleeps very late. On Skype, I talked directly about what I need, shipping costs. fastest bearings manufacturer

There are three freight forwarding information provided by the customer, let me contact. Among them, there is a Shenzhen freight forwarder (the fastest bearings are exported from Shanghai), the price is relatively cheap, and the customer accepts the offer. Since I am a newbie, I don’t understand anything. Especially the freight.

CFR=FOB Freight=EXW Freight1 Freight (Freight1 refers to the delivery fee from the factory to the logistics company, the freight from the factory to the place where the freight forwarding is located, plus the delivery fee to the specified point of the freight forwarding; Freight refers to the designated point from the freight forwarding Shipping to the destination port). I didn't count the cost of Freight1, so I changed the price of fastest bearings twice (once I forgot to calculate Freight1; once I thought that the freight was all the cost, once again confirmed the price to the logistics company, but more than 100 oceans). Originally, the customer had made a payment before, and then he played it again. He deducted two handling fees of fastest bearings (transnational remittance fees charged by the bank). I am very embarrassed, I also sent a screenshot of the chat record of me and the freight forwarder to the customer, and attached English. The customer is still forgiven. fastest bearings factory

The customer has made a payment. It’s finally peace of mind, not finished yet. I think everyone knows that the bill of lading is divided into an electric bill of lading and a bill of lading. Since our colleague did not ship to the Netherlands, I always thought it was an electric bill of lading. The freight forwarder also asked me if it was an electric or a bill of lading. As a result, the operator of the freight forwarding company told me that the Netherlands can only be mentioned in the text. It’s sunny! There is nothing in the body bill of lading. The important thing is that DHL documents must be sent to foreign countries with 400 oceans. Because of the previous problem, I have changed the price of fastest bearings  twice. Our manager said that we still have to bear it ourselves. Ok, I accepted it too. I also hope that customers will return the order of fastest bearings in the future.

Fasting bearings are about to issue orders, and have prepared customs declaration materials: contracts, invoices of fastest bearings, packing lists of fastest bearings , customs declarations of fastest bearings , declaration elements of fastest bearings , customs declarations (we are all entrusted customs declarations, so we need a customs declaration). Also contacted the freight forwarding, the freight before the customer is calculated according to 1CBM, the freight forwarder said how much money is less. The volume exceeds 1CBM and is calculated according to 2CBM (my goods are up to 1.1CBM). This is what I told me after the freight forwarding (Chongqing freight forwarding told me this way: 1CBM is not exceeded 1.5CBM). Therefore, the freight rate of the fastest bearings is more than USD$100, or it is posted.

The order of this fastest bearings was lost to Wang Jiayu, but I learned a lot.

If you need any brand fastest bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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