Did you hear about flanged sleeve bearing?

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Flanged sleeve bearing on the job as a result of the journal and bearing contact will produce friction, surface cause fever, even "killed", so in the design of the flanged sleeve bearing, should choose flanged sleeve bearing materials with good sex of flanged sleeve bearing, suitable lubricant and appropriate supply method is adopted to improve the bearing structure for thick film lubrication, etc.

precision flanged sleeve bearing
Some problems for flanged sleeve bearing:
1, tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that the concentration of non-ferrous metal elements is abnormal;There are many submicron wear particles of nonferrous metal in the spectrum.The lubricating oil moisture exceeds the standard and acid value exceeds the standard.
2. Surface corrosion of shaft neck: spectral analysis shows that the concentration of iron is abnormal, and there are many submicron particles of iron in the iron spectrum, and the oil moisture exceeds the standard or the acid value exceeds the standard.
3. Surface strain of shaft neck: there are iron cutting abrasive particles or black oxide particles in ferrography, and tempering color exists on the metal surface.

flanged sleeve bearing
4, tile back micro wear: spectral analysis found that the iron concentration is abnormal, there are many iron submicron wear particles in the iron spectrum, oil moisture and acid value is abnormal.
5,flanged sleeve bearing surface strain: ferrography found in the cutting abrasive particles, abrasive particles for the non-ferrous metal composition.
6, tile surface peeling: many large size fatigue peeling alloy wear particles, lamellar abrasive particles found in the ferrography.
7.flanged sleeve bearing shingles: there are many large size alloy particles and black metal oxides in the ferrography.
8.Flang sleeve bearing wear: due to the metal properties of the shaft (high hardness, poor yielding), adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear and other conditions are easily caused.
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