Mast guide bearing– oil film bearing

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Mast guide bearing is an oil film bearing.
Working principle for mast guide bearing:
In rolling process, due to the effect of rolling force, force the roller shaft, oil film mast guide bearing center and the center of the journal eccentricity, clearance between makes the mast guide bearing and shaft neck shape into two areas, one is called divergence area (the direction of rotation clearance increases gradually along the axis neck), another is called convergence zone (rotation direction decreases along the axis neck).When the rotating journal brings the lubricating oil with viscosity from the divergence zone to the convergence zone, the mast guide bearing clearance along the rotating direction of the journal changes from large to small, forming an oil wedge, which causes pressure in the lubricating oil.

mast guide bearing
The resultant force of the pressure at each point in the oil film along the rolling direction is the bearing capacity of the mast guide bearing.When the rolling force is greater than the bearing capacity, the eccentricity between the center of the journal and the oil film bearing increases.In the convergence zone, the bearing clearance becomes steeper along the rotation direction of the journal, the minimum oil film thickness becomes smaller, the pressure in the oil film becomes larger, and the bearing capacity becomes larger, until it reaches a balance with the rolling force, the center of the journal is no longer offset, and the oil film bearing and the journal are completely separated by lubricating oil, theoretically forming a full fluid lubrication.

original mast guide bearing
Mast guide bearing is used for high radial and occaisonal thrust loads.They usually have a thick cross section on the outside of the race, which is shown as a wheel or tire.There are several profiles available for this application.They are mounted on a fork rack and provide smooth movement as the fork rises or falls.
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