Do you know load for metal rollers with bearings?

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Metal rollers with bearings is one of the components widely used in modern machinery.It relies on the rolling contact between the main components to support the rotating parts.Roller bearings are now mostly standardized.Roller bearing has the advantages of small torque required for starting, high rotation accuracy and convenient selection.
Metal rollers with bearings are mainly composed of centering roller bearings, thrust centering roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.

llh metal rollers with bearings
Metal rollers with bearings load
When choosing bearings according to the size of the load, compared with the point contact of the ball bearing, the main components in the roller bearing are in line contact, which is easy to bear the load, and the deformation after bearing is also small.
When the metal rollers with bearings is selected according to the direction of load, thrust bearing is generally selected for pure axial load.Larger axial force selection thrust roller bearing.Select thrust ball bearing for smaller axial force.For pure radial load, deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing or needle roller bearing are generally selected
Lubrication way for metal rollers with bearings

metal rollers with bearings
Lubrication has a very important meaning for bearing, bearing lubricant can not only reduce friction resistance, but also play a role in heat dissipation, reduce contact stress, absorption of vibration, prevent corrosion.
Metal rollers with bearings commonly used lubrication methods are oil lubrication and grease lubrication.It is also lubricated by solid lubricants.Which lubrication method to choose depends on the speed of the bearing.Generally, dn value of bearing (d is the inner diameter of bearing, mm;N is the speed of the bearing, r/min represents the speed of the bearing.Figure 5 shows the dn value limit of grease lubrication and oil lubrication.
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