Three days to get the Dubai customer, has been purchasing roller pin bearings many times

125 Published by admin Aug 26,2019

Received an inquiry from the customer about roller pin bearings, which happened to be May Day.
Dear Sir,
So arely for your best possible price based on RMB & local delivery in shanghai and our order qty of roller pin bearings will be 200 to 400pcs.

I didn't check it during this time. After receiving the inquiry from the customer's roller pin bearings, I sent it back to the customer after a week.

Many people will think that there is no drama, the customer has already found a lot of suppliers, and the number is too small to do.needel roller pin bearing

However, I feel that the customer has already compared a lot of homes. At this time, it should be tired. When I look at the name Vi, the guess is that it should be an Indian customer. The Indian customer is a lot of comparisons. The first one is not good, and this one is not good. Time is just 51, everyone is the same.

I then found out the customers in various search tools. It is a Dubai customer with a relatively stable supply. Vi is an Indian and is the head of the Dubai China office in Shanghai. Also searched for his picture on LinkedIn. However, the company's product sales website could not be found online. It is noted that one point, stable procurement, Dubai customers, Shanghai office, these are favorable conditions.

The product company of roller pin bearings is normally regulated by 500, and many of its peer factories are also set at 500. It is estimated that customers have also encountered this problem. If I can do 400 roller pin bearings, I have a chance. After analyzing these requirements, the customer was replied as follows:

Dear Vi:
Glad to know you are interested in our roller pin bearings !
Enclosed are our three models roller pin bearings for you reference ,welcome to let us know the prefer item number .By the way ,if your first time to do this item?
Usually our MOQ is 500 pcs. Will try our best to do 200-400 pcs in the first order and the fee will higher than the MOQ Price , due to the material and machine and other fee . Can quote RMB account if u like.

roller pin bearingsNoted your market in Dubai and you are in shanghai now ,right ?Welcome to visit us and try the roller pin bearings sample.

Welcome to check and let us know your requirement.
Waiting for your idea !

After sending the email, the customer will reply soon. The address and number are also included in the reply.
I used the mail tracking. From the customer's mail opening times and opening the address, we can find that the customer opened very timely, and opened the order that the roller pin bearings were confirmed many times to confirm that the customer's intention is very high, and the turnover is over 80%.

The mail signature file has the customer's phone number, and immediately uses the wechat search number, which actually has the customer's wechat. Using wechat to contact him plays a very important role in this order.roller pin bearing

After talking about Saturday, we are still communicating on the roller pin bearings. The communication with the customer on Saturday is a friend's point of view to help him solve the problem. I didn't expect him to send me an email on Sunday afternoon. I didn't return, directly wechat I said that I want to place a sample. I want to test the sample of the roller pin bearings. I asked for a roller pin bearings. I agreed to test the roller pin bearings on Monday afternoon. I prepared samples of roller pin bearings in the morning. It is very important to prepare well.

When the customer tested the sample of roller pin bearings, I also showed me a lot of quotes and products from the suppliers. It is obvious that the price is lower than ours. At this time, I would like to tell myself that I can't be self-defeating, or to emphasize our strengths and professionalism. In the end, he was given a small amount of money. He was very happy to sign the contract on the spot and arrange payment once he went back.

The last order of roller pin bearings is a deal. In the past few months, the order has been placed, and the quantity is good. If there is no patience in the early stage, if 200-400 can't be done before, there may be no subsequent orders.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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