Working principle of scooter wheel bearings

15 Published by admin Nov 19,2021

The working principle of scooter wheel bearings are to use steel balls to roll in the inner ring, outer ring or flange raceway, load-bearing and relatively optional, so that the car can drive.

The main function of scooter wheel bearings are to support load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It bears both axial load and radial load, and is a very important component. The installation of scooter wheel bearings is also very important. For example, some vehicles have loud driving noise, and there is no abnormal wear when checking the tires, and there is no abnormal noise when the tires are rotated on the lift. Caused by normal wear, that is, bearing damage due to installation reasons.scooter wheel bearings

Generally, the front scooter wheel bearings of automobiles are double-row ball bearings. If you use a hammer to install scooter wheel bearings, or install the bearing by pressing the inner ring of the bearing when installing the scooter wheel bearings, one side of the bearing will be damaged. In addition, the installation of the bearing needs to be carried out in a clean and tidy environment, because the entry of fine particles into the bearing will also shorten the service life of the bearing.

In normal times, also check scooter wheel bearings and pay attention to whether the bearings have warning signs of wear, such as any frictional noise during rotation or abnormal deceleration of the suspension combination wheel when turning. If it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, it is recommended to lubricate the front wheel hub bearing when driving to 38,000 kilometers. When replacing the brake system, check the bearings and replace the oil seal.

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