Assembly of split bearing

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Assembly of split bearing:

Split bearing, also known as split bearing, has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient adjustment and disassembly. Two bearing bushes are inlaid on the bearing bush, and a gasket is used at the joint to adjust a reasonable gap.

①Assembly of bearing bush and bearing body

The contact between the upper and lower bearing pads and the bore of the bearing body must be good. If it does not meet the requirements, use the bearing body hole of the thick-walled bearing pad as the benchmark to scrape the back of the bearing pad, and at the same time, make the steps at both ends of the bearing pad close to both ends of the bearing body. Thin-walled bushes only need to make the mid-section of the bearing bush about 0.1mm higher than the mid-section of the bearing body, and it is not necessary to repair and scrape.

②The bearing bush is installed in the split bearing body, no displacement is allowed in the radial or axial direction, and the steps at both ends of the bearing bush are usually used to stop the positioning or locate the positioning pin.block bearing

③The scraping of the bearing bush

The split bearing pads generally use the matching shaft grinding points. Generally, the bearing pads are scraped off first, and then the bearing pads are scraped. In order to improve the efficiency, the bearing pads and covers can not be installed when scraping off the bearing pads. The contact point of the current bearing pad is basically When the requirements are met, the upper bearing bush and the upper cover are pressed tightly, and the contact point of the lower bearing bush is further corrected when the upper bearing bush is scraped and ground. When scraping, the tightness of the shaft can be adjusted with the increase of scraping times by changing the thickness of the gasket. When the split bearing cover is fastened, the shaft can be easily rotated without obvious clearance, and the contact point can be scraped as required.

④Measurement of split bearing clearance

The size of the split bearing gap can be adjusted by the shim at the middle parting plane, or it can be obtained by directly scraping the bearing bush. To measure the split bearing clearance, the lead-pressing method is usually used. Take several pieces of lead wire with a diameter larger than the bearing clearance and place them on the journal and the mid-section surface, then tighten the nut to press the mid-section surface tightly, then unscrew the nut and remove the bearing cover. Carefully take out the flattened lead wire, and use a micrometer to measure the thickness of each section. According to the average thickness of the lead wire, the bearing clearance can be known. Generally, the clearance of the bearing should be 1.5‰-2.5‰(mm) of the shaft diameter, and the smaller clearance value is taken when the diameter is larger. If the shaft diameter is 60mm, the bearing clearance should be between 0.09-0.15mm.

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