Let me love and hate the lovely customer purchase tractor automotive bearing

254 Published by admin Oct 16,2018

The new year, the first list of the tractor automotive bearing. Let me love and hate customers.

It was just that Friday night, it was a little late. So if the customer needs 300000 tractor automotive bearing
The number is a bit more than the order quantity.
But I still added customers, because I usually spend the weekend time, watching the boring TV, waiting for the customer's mail and the like.

After adding the customer SKYPE, it was discovered that the customer wanted a non-standard tractor automotive bearing.

This customer is from Germany. On October 17, 14th, the customer contacted me from Aliwangwang.tractor automotive bearing factory

And this customer, at the beginning, you can also say hello every day, simple MORNING, HELLO and the like.
Later, as the project became more and more certain, I sent him a sample of the tractor automotive bearing.
However, I still maintain my attitude towards the customer's first love, and maintain patient communication with him every day.
During the period, the customer also sent me the artwork of the tractor automotive bearing.
Later I went to the Canton Fair, and I added him WHATSUP before I went there. Through the communication of the Canton Fair, the PI of the tractor automotive bearing was made to the customer, but the tractor automotive bearing was issued to the customer.

After the PI of tractor automotive bearing. The customer actually asked me to tractor automotive bearing
The samples need to be immediately needed. Our factory was busy during the period. The average sample took two weeks, so we asked the customer to send samples of the same style we had.tractor automotive bearing factory

After the sample of tractor automotive bearing was sent out and waiting for the customer to reply, it was discovered that the original customer also asked other suppliers to send him a sample of the tractor automotive bearing. Suddenly, my heart hurts. There is wood. . . The customer even asked other people to send him a sample of the tractor automotive bearing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

In fact, I am very afraid that customers will give orders of tractor automotive bearing to others because of the low price of other people's tractor automotive bearings. . Because the price I reported is not low. . . So guilty.
At the beginning of the key, the customer also asked me to cut the price, I did not agree. . So the more I want to regret it. . .

Therefore, when the customer waits for the sample of the tractor automotive bearing of other suppliers, I am also accompanying the customer. Psychologically anxious. . .

Finally on the 17th, the customer received a sample of the supplier tractor automotive bearing. I asked him how he said that the quality is very good. . . Suddenly felt very. . Ruined.

The customer has already said that the other's tractor automotive bearing.tractor automotive bearing supplier

The price is lower than mine, although the wood is very low, but lower than us. So ask the customer whether they have made a decision, the customer said that there is not yet, and the supplier is better quoting. . . But I really think that the customer should be yellow, the quality is similar to ours, the price is lower than we originally, and there is even a lower price. . . But still continue to thicken the skin and customer grinding, said that I really want to have a chance to cooperate with him. If he wants a lower price, I can change the material for him. . But the customer said not to change the material for the price. . . I don't want you to force low price quality is most important for me. So I am relieved, so I told the customer that it was good, let him wait for the decision, and said never give up.

Then he talked a lot with him on and off. About the big samples, I also talked about the quality inspection process of our factory. When I talked until 9:30 in the evening, the customer suddenly did not reply. I didn't wait for a word, wait until half past ten, I couldn't help myself, I was going to sleep.

An hour of silence, the customer actually gave me the list of tractor automotive bearing. I really loved this customer that night. The quality is almost the same, the price is higher than others, and I even gave the order to me.

There have been other things since then, but they have all been resolved.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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