Transmission bearing is used in gearbox

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As an important part of the automobile, the function of the gearbox is very important, and inside the gearbox, the quality of the transmission bearing will have a direct impact on the final assembly quality of the gearbox, and even affect the normal play of the vehicle running performance.  In this paper, the types, application and damage forms of transmission bearings in variable belt box are fully analyzed and discussed in order to provide some useful reference for the quality assurance of variable belt box in domestic automobile manufacturing enterprises. radial deep groove ball bearing

The transmission bearings quality of the automobile variable speed box is very important for the normal operation of the automobile.Although it seems that it is more important to have no engine, drive shaft and other parts of the transmission bearing or accessories, however, the transmission bearing quality of the variable speed box is good or bad for the overall performance of the vehicle, no careless.  In this paper, the author analyzes and demonstrates the operation, damage and causes of the bearing in the gearbox, aiming to make some beneficial exploration for the fault diagnosis of the gearbox. axial groove ball bearing

How to deal with the large bearing hole of the transmission bearing?
The method is as follows:  
1. The outer ring of the transmission bearings is processed by electroplating or metal spraying process, and the outer diameter of the bearing is processed to the value matching the bearing hole.  
2. Manually twist the transmission bearing holes to the matching position of the bearing, then apply epoxy resin to the position, and then install the bearing.  Resin can only be used after solidification and drying.  
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